Very hot in kathmandu about 32 Degree celcius .
Nepalganji 45 Degree celcius 10th,June '98.

A> Government has organised a special police force to evacuate maoist terrorist special police started action west nepal Rukum, Salyan, Jajarkot & dhading district .In a clash with maoist police killed some Maoist guerillas.It seems government will be succesfull in this job because back power of maoist The Nepal Communist Party(UML) devided in to two party one is NEPAL COMMUNIST PARTY UML and the Other is Nepal communist party ML. Everyday they are fighting as they were back power of maoists now fighting with each other so they have no time to bakup maoist how ever they are trying to backup them.

B> Humla Drought is also a big problem in Nepal now due to this mayny people died of hunger and diseases . Government is sending foods to those areas but there is no proper distribution to get 20kg of rice people have to come to humla bazar walking seven days from remote hilly areas 20kg rice is just enough for one week for a family of five people just from this you can imagine the situation there. Again there is no adequate medicines and enough Health workers , government has funded for medicines but it is not adequate and the health workers are not interested to go there because government have allocated just a little ammount to them as allowances , Local health worker are asking for medicines but government can not supply because of less budget . These are the new situation here in Nepal and on the other side in India & Pakistan people are happy because of successful Newclear Bomb Test.


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