2003/Autumn Season witnesses good number of cilmbers
One hundred and sixty-four members of 40 expedition teams successfully climbed 17 peaks autumn season of 2003.

Altogether 76 teams consisting of 490 members from 18 countries, including six Nepalese climbers, were permitted to climb 36 peaks of heights ranging from 6000m to the 8,848m. of Mt. Everest, said Ministry of Tourism. This season is significant for the tourism industry since it collected Rs. 21.6 million in royalties.

Two teams are still trying to climb Tengkanboche and Lhotse peaks. There was only one American team for Mt. Everest but failed to scale.

Besides the expedition members 52 altitude porters have also climbed the peaks. This falls was much better in terms of mountaineering and trekking compared to last autumn.

Among the 76 team of 18 countries, 14 were French, 13 American, 7 UK, 6 German, 4 Japanese, 4 Australian, 3 Korean, 3 Spanish, 3 Austrian, 3 Canadian, 3 Czechoslovakian, 3 Russian, 3 Italian, 2 Belgian, 2 Swiss, 1 Polish, 1 Mexican, 1 Danish.

22 expedition teams were permitted for the Ama Dablam and majority of them also succeeded.

There were also 6 casualties: one died in Ama Dablam, two were missing in Lhotsheshar, one died in Himjung and 2 in Rakshaurai. Two bodies of Japanese and one of German have been recoevered while 2 Korean, one French and on Nepali are still missing.

Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) had permitted 2,292 members of 443 expedition teams to climb 33 small peaks below 6,500m.

The government has already opened 326 peaks of the country for expedition and trekking. Out of them 33 small peaks below 6,500m are operating by the NMA. The autumn expedition season begins from the third week of September and lasts in early December